Aurora Borealis Adventure Norway and Finland Tour

Alta → Helsinki

Xwander Nordic is proud to offer this fantastic opportunity to view the world for real, as you would in your most amazing dreams. A once in a lifetime journey from Alta to Rovaniemi, across the northernmost part of Europe and Lapland, in the heart of winter. Come with us on this adventure to see a way of life that seems to only exist in fairy tales. Take a ride on a Husky sled, feed baby Reindeer, dine over a cozy open fire, adventure into the winter wilderness and bear witness to the true majesty of nature’s most magical light show, the Aurora Borealis. With our expert guides, local knowledge and emphatic ambition take you on the best possible adventure, Xwander Nordic will take you on a journey no-one else can offer.
You can rest assured, your adventure with Xwander Nordic will last a lifetime as we aim to provide all of our adventures in a clean and environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Starting from  2590€ /adult, 2220€/child

This tour is available only during winter. Dates for 2022 available one request!