North Cape, King Crab Safari

In the morning we will head towards the North Cape, the northernmost point in mainland Europe. Due to the winter weather, conditions can be harsh, so the cars drive in a convoy from Honningsvåg to North Cape. There, you will get to admire the breathtaking views and explore the visitors centre and museum.
After our visit to North Cape we will head south to a small town called Lakselv to try our hands at the “Deadliest Catch”. Together as ‘Greenhorns’ we will see first-hand the skillful fishermen of northern Norway as they hunt for King Crab. Later we will enjoy the fruit of our labour and skilled chef/fisherman with a King Crab lunch, before departing towards our first Finnish destination, Inari.
A lovely wintery scenic drive across the Finnish/Norwegian border where we will continue our hunt for the Northern Lights.
Later, arriving at Inari we will check into our next hotel.

Additional Information

  • Accommodation and dinner included
  • Private transfer to/from activities included
  • General activity fees included