Winter Activities

Our stay in Inari will be full of fun for all the family, catering for all abilities. Snowshoe walks, Cross country skiing, Ice fishing, Snowmobile rides, Aurora Hunting, Museum Tours and Open-fire cooking.
Our guides will teach you all you need to know about these activities and help you master all the skills needed to ski just like the native Sámi.
Activities such as, Ice fishing, Skiing, Snowshoe walking and Snowmobile riding are all genuine life skills that the people of Lapland use every day. Using modern tools and equipment; the Lappish people of today have perfected their ancient traditions and techniques. Inari Winter Activities is a fantastic opportunity for a fun, real-life introduction to the day-to-day lives of the Sámi of old and new.
If the sky is clear, we will have the opportunity to hunt for more Auroras.

Additional Information

  • Accommodation and dinner included
  • Private transfer to/from activities included
  • General activity fees included