Arctic Nature Trip

After breakfast we will head outdoors for an arctic nature trip. We’ll take a refreshing walk in the forest by the Ounasjoki river and become familiar with the pure offerings of Lappish nature, its trees, flora, berries and their calming and healing effects. Towards the end of the trip still surrounded by nature, we’ll enjoy some herbal tea and homemade berry pie, made from natural Lapland ingredients.
Later in the afternoon, you can enjoy a wellness workshop. The workshop will teach you all about Mindfulness, well-being and stress management. From this you will receive the tools to help improve your well-being in everyday life.
In the evening you will get to enjoy the gentle heat of traditional Finnish log sauna. Traditional Finnish Sauna is very much about being in the moment, and has countless health benefits that Finns have known for thousands of years. It’s a way of being connected with nature through its organic materials and atmosphere, providing a profound pause from the urban world. You can also go for a refreshing swim in the nearby river.

Additional Information

  • Accommodation in twin room included
  • Meals included: Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • All activity fees included