Forest Hiking Adventure & fishing, boat rowing

Put on your hiking boots and get ready for a forest trekking adventure. Taking you through the untouched pine forest, the trails traverse the area across varying terrain. You will learn about the flora and fauna of the area and may even go foraging for berries and mushrooms that grow wild in the forest.

After the open fire lunch, it’s time to go rowing. Rowing is a typical Finnish summertime activity – there are thousands of lakes to explore, of course. In the past, a boat was a convenient means of transportation between villages and settlements as well as being essential for fishing. Nowadays recreational rowing is popular and with good reason: it’s very easy-going, healthy and refreshing. Just hop on the boat and embark on a relaxed rowing trip.

Fishing has a solid position in the Finnish cultural lexicon, with revered Finnish author Juhani Aho (1861-1921) famously describing fishing as an experience that left him “spellbound, intoxicated”. You can’t disagree once you see the lake’s surface glistening in the early morning sun, or in the calm of the white summer night, inviting you to relax on the dock, to enjoy the immaculate stillness and luring in perches from the surrounding waters.
Fishing is a year-round activity in Finland; only the fishing styles and species vary according to season. Finland’s waters are home to about 60 species of fish, of which about 20 are actively pursued by fishermen. Leisure fishers often catch perches, pikes, roaches and pike-perch.

In the evening you have time to relax, have dinner and enjoy the peaceful environment and stunning lake views under the midnight sun.

Additional Information

  • Accommodation and all meals included
  • Private transfer to/from activities included
  • General activity fees included