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Xwander Nordic ofrece Tours premium para grupos pequeños en el Laponia nórdica. Cada itinerario ha sido cuidadosamente creado por nuestros especialistas locales e incluye una amplia variedad de experiencias únicas y auténticas de Finlandia y Noruega.

¡Nuestra misión es ofrecerte el viaje de tu vida! Estamos comprometidos a proporcionar experiencias de viaje sostenibles y de alta calidad. Se beneficiará de nuestros años de experiencia, nuestro excelente conocimiento local y la compañía de nuestros guías amigables, multilingües y atentos que lo atenderán en cada paso del camino. ¡Ven y experimenta la diferencia de Xwander!


Aventura de Aurora Borealis en Laponia

Laponia → Helsinki

Aventura de Aurora Borealis de Noruega a Finlandia

Alta → Helsinki

Aventura de Fatbike


Aventura de Verano

Laponia a Helsinki

Finlandia en tren

Aventura de familia

Colores de otoño y Aurora

Lapland → Helsinki

Wellness Laponia Verano


Sustainability means more to us than good business. We believe, especially in today’s modern world, that caring for our planet is just as important as caring for ourselves. We believe that to make a business a success it must be more than financially viable but beneficial to the wellbeing of the environment. This belief is in the heart of all our operations. Everything we do is planned with sustainability in mind.

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Happy Friday everyone & regards from the Winter Wonderland! What are you going to do this weekend? 🙂 Our plan is to test our new winter / aurora camping product 🙌☃️ We will keep you posted & you can meet us in FB live tomorrow - Look for fb updates, we will keep you posted! #happyweekend #xwandernordic #lapland #winter #winterishere #winterwonderland #visitlapland #visitrovaniemi #snowfun #lappi #snowember #snowsnowsnow #laplandholidays #arcticadventures #arcticadventuretours
Yoga by the fire, walk in the snowy forest, gentle heat of sauna.. Peace & quietness of the nature in Lapland. What else could you hope for? ❤️ ~ Lumikenkäilyä talvisessa metsässä, lempeää joogaa takan äärellä, ja hirsisaunan pehmeitä löylyjä. Lapin luonnon rauhaa ja hiljaisuutta. ❤️ Sitä on Talvinen Hyvinvointiviikonloppu Rovaniemellä - Järjestää Xwander Nordic & @happyfox.fi ~ Lämpimästi tervetuloa mukaan. 4-7.12.2020 ja 5-8.2.2021 www.xwander.fi/fi #xwandernordic #rovaniemi #yogalapland #tietoinenläsnäolo #jooga #yoga #olo #hyvinvointiloma #aikaaitselle #visitrovaniemi @sinipt
Winter is here! 😍❄️ Sausages & hot chocolate at #kuninkaanlaavu. ~ Talvi on saapunut päivässä Rovaniemelle. Eikun heti retkelle! 😍❄️ #nature #firstsnow #ensilumi #rovaniemi #visitrovaniemi #tulistelua #trekking #naturephotography #natureaddict #naturelovers #lapland #laplandfinland #finnishnature #beautyoffinland #talvitulee #retkellä
Throwback to last winter while waiting for the first snowfall... There already snow in the North of Lapland, to Rovaniemi we should get this weekend! We are ready!! 😁❄️🌨️ Happy weekend everyone! ☺️ Täällä odotellaan innolla lunta viikonlopuksi! 😁 Ihanaa viikonloppua kaikille 🤗 #xwandernordic #lapland #rovaniemi #visitlapland #visitrovaniemi #firstsnow #snowsnowsnow
Yoga in every season in Lapland! ❤️ Our Wellness Guide Sini is a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and now Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher. Journey continues towards 500h RYT studies, always learning something new. ☺️ Sini loves the changing seasons in Lapland, and the quietness and beauty of the nature and the feeling of space and calm that Lapland offers. "There is no feeling like that anywhere else in the world"😍 Sini warmly welcomes you to Lapland - Wellness holidays are available during summer, autumn and winter! Which one would you prefer? ☺️ - Joogaa jokaisena vuodenaikana! 😊 Hyvinvointiin ja liikuntaan erikoistunut oppaamme Sini on opettaja, Personal Trainer, Joogaopettaja ja nyt myös Mindfulness ja meditaatio-ohjaaja. Sini rakastaa Lapin luontoa, vaihtuvia vuodenaikoja sekä avaruutta, hiljaisuutta ja rauhaa.🙏 Xwander Nordic tarjoaa wellness lomia jokaisena vuodenaikana. Lisäsimme juuri myös uusille suomalaisille sivuillemme uuden tuotteen talvelle - www.xwander.fi/fi. Minä vuodenaikana sinä haluaisit tulla nauttimaan hyvinvointi ja luontoaktiviteeteistä Lappiin? 😉 #xwandernordic #lapland #wellness #yoga #wellnessholiday #mindfulnessmeditation @sinipt
Have You visited the Northernmost point of Europe continent, The North Cape? 🌟@ Tag someone you would go here with! It is an incredible feeling knowing just how high up North you are! 🙌 For hundreds of years this point of the world has attracted adventure seekers including royalty from many parts of the world. This video is from our trip in September. North Cape is part of our Norway - Finland winter tour. In the winter time the weather can be quite harsh - extremely adventurous conditions, but totally worth it! 🤩 When we can, we will take you there. Until then, keep dreaming 💙And follow us for more photos, videos and stories 😉 #northcape #xwandernordic #epictravels #epicdestinations

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