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Incentive Travel Packages to Northern Lapland

Northern Lapland is a premier destination for incentive travel, offering an intriguing blend of stunning natural scenery, unique cultural experiences, and excellent international connectivity.

Arriving to Ivalo Airport, your team’s journey into the heart of the Arctic will be straightforward and efficient.

Xwander can tailor your incentive travel package in great detail from small groups to events including everything starting from airport transfers, accommodations to activities.

Immersing your team in the rich Sami culture of Northern Lapland presents an enlightening experience. A tasting of indigenous cuisine and a display of traditional performances are among the cultural offerings that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your team.

Accomodation can be chosen to be in comfort of Pine Sky Suites situated in center of Ivalo village or in cabins chosen per your group size,

Example content for incentive travel package in the winter

  • Welcome Open Fire Dinner: Start your adventure with a sumptuous welcome dinner featuring local Finnish delicacies at our traditional Lappish Kota hut.
  • Husky Safari: Engage in an unforgettable husky safari through the stunning white landscapes. These furry friends will help your team embrace teamwork, responsibility, and the thrill of new experiences.
  • Aurora Borealis Hunt: Discover the magic of the Northern Lights together on a guided evening tour. Witness the stunning celestial spectacle dancing across the Arctic sky, an experience guaranteed to inspire awe and shared memories.
  • Cross-Country Skiing: Explore the serenity of the Arctic forests with a cross-country skiing adventure. This activity boosts fitness, coordination, and teamwork.
  • Snowmobile Expedition: Get your adrenaline pumping with an exhilarating snowmobile expedition across the pristine Lapland wilderness. This journey encourages leadership, courage, and a spirit of exploration.
  • Sami Cultural Immersion: Learn about the indigenous Sami culture through storytelling, reindeer encounters, and a visit to a traditional lavvu (Sami tent). This cultural experience will foster respect for diversity and deepen your team’s connection.
  • Farewell Campfire & Reflection: Conclude your journey with a farewell campfire in the silent forest. Engage in thoughtful reflections, recount experiences, and solidify the bonds formed during this transformative team-building weekend.

Example day program for team building package for summer

  • Arrival to Ivalo Airport with Airport Transfer
  • Accomodation in Pine Sky Suites in Ivalo
  • Day 1 – Arctic Watersports activities including SUP, Packrafting and Arctic Fishing
  • Day 2 – Taiga Forests and Tundra with Mountain Bikes, Smoke Sauna and Open Fire Dinner
  • Day 3 – Bushcraft Skills Intro and Forest Survival Escape Game
  • Day 4 – Visit to Local Reindeer Farm, Sami Arctic Museum and Wilderness Lake Inari Cruise
  • Departure with extension options for example in Rovaniemi and Helsinki

Xwander offers facilities like meeting rooms, ensuring that business can seamlessly continue during your team’s stay. These spaces are equipped with fiber optic internet connection and presentation equipment.

Adding to the distinctive offerings of Northern Lapland is the opportunity to incorporate educational experiences into your travel package. You can opt for practical training courses such as Survival and First Aid, enriching your team’s skill sets while strengthening bonds.

A trip to Northern Lapland for incentive travel presents an unparalleled blend of exploration, education, and inspiration, all under the stunning skies of the Arctic. It is not merely a journey, but a comprehensive experience designed to motivate and reward your team, fostering a shared achievement.

Get in contact with Xwanders Travel Concierge to start planning your incentive travel details to Lapland!