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First Aid Courses

Xwander offers First Aid courses for individuals and companies based in Lapland. You can join our fixed date courses in Ivalo, even including accomodations, or we can make a customised course for your group or team needs.

Please contact if you want private course for your group or company.

Xwander First Aid Courses consists of half day course, one day course and two day course.

  • Emergency First Aid, CPR & AED – Half Day
  • First Aid Course – One Day
  • First Aid Extended Course – Two Days

You can combine your first aid training with your holiday and other courses and activities. As a company, you can bring your team for Lapland trip that includes both safety training and leisure.

The trainings are conducted in Finnish or English. Courses are also customized according to your needs, and they can be arranged directly at your workplace. Inquiries about customized training can be sent to

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is EFR (Emergency First Response)?

EFR is a comprehensive CPR, AED, and first aid training program that helps individuals respond to medical emergencies. EFR is one of the fastest-growing first aid training systems in the world, expanding into 175 countries and offering materials in 24 different languages. The system is focused on training ordinary people in first aid skills and giving them the confidence to act in emergencies.

Who can enroll in an EFR course?
Anyone can enroll in an EFR course. You don’t need any prior medical knowledge or training. Recommended minimum age is 12 years for Xwander EFR courses.

What skills will I learn in an EFR course?
EFR courses include adult, child, and infant resuscitation and first aid skills. Additionally, the content includes the use of defibrillators and first aid oxygen skills. The courses are ideal for workplace first aid courses and, with their flexible implementation, allow for the teaching of different course modules together or separately. Customized special courses can also be created for workplaces. EFR courses build lay rescuers’ confidence in emergencies through repetition and simplification. The training is carried out in a stress-free atmosphere, and participants are allowed to practice skills as needed to be able to help in a real emergency.