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The Pine Sky Forest Hotel is a tree tent establishment situated in the heart of nature, 10 minutes away from Ivalo. Forest Hotel offers an experience of staying in tree tents and hammocks, suspended amidst the quiet rustle of the pine forest. Forest Hotel is located optimally for bushcraft, fishing, arctic watersports, astronomy and northern lights watching.

You can package your Forest Hotel experience with plenty of activities and stay in comfortable Pine Sky Apartments in Ivalo. You could choose to spend a week in Ivalo, from which 1-2 nights immersed in nature and 4-5 days in comfy apartments in Ivalo Village.

We offer transfer services between Forest Hotel, Ivalo, Inari, Saariselkä and Ivalo Airport. You are welcome to come to the camp by biking or motorcycling as well.

The Pine Sky Forest Hotel strives to provide its guests a truly immersive nature experience. There is no electricity or running water, encouraging guests to reconnect with the simplicity of wilderness living. This back-to-basics approach extends to the hotel’s facilities, which consist of a traditional outhouse toilet and tent sauna. The Rahajärvi lake is a picturesque (and refreshingly chilly 😉 ) wilderness spa.

The price of your stay includes the use of various equipment for outdoor activities. SUPs (stand-up paddleboards), pack rafts, and fishing gear are available for guest use, allowing you the opportunity to experience the tranquility of the adjacent lake at your own pace.

To further accentuate the ambience of the great outdoors, the Pine Sky Forest Hotel features a common area with a fireplace and a BBQ setup. Whether you wish to engage in late-night storytelling, marshmallow roasting, or simply enjoy the warmth of the fire under the starry sky, this facility is also included in the price of your stay.

Apart from these basic amenities, the Pine Sky Forest Hotel offers a range of additional services and activities. For an authentic forest sauna experience, guests can opt for the unique tent sauna. The hotel also rents out mountain bikes for those keen on exploring the surrounding trails. For guests interested in wilderness survival skills, the hotel organizes bushcraft programs, fishing, and foraging activities.