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Customer Terms & Conditions


All persons booking/reserving with Xwander Nordic must be at least 18 years of age at the time of initial enquiry and accept responsibility for making all payments due to Xwander Nordic. 

Booking enquiries may be made through both email and whatsapp messages. Alternatively, enquiries can be made over telephone. Any enquiries made over telephone calls will be summarised into an email. FOR SECURITY PURPOSES, ANY AND ALL PAYMENT INFORMATION TRANSACTED, WILL BE SENT VIA EMAIL.

Linear response to emails MUST be maintained throughout the entire booking/enquiry process. New email threads/subjects may become dissociated from original enquiries, making content from separate emails difficult to amalgamate. This could lead to problems occurring with the confirmation process. (The one exception to this rule is when communicating through email and whatsapp combined). 

Xwander Nordic reserves the right to cancel any enquiry for any reason before full payment has been made.


To confirm the purchase of an item or tour, a deposit of 30% of the total cost must be paid upon booking. 

Full payment must be received by Xwander Nordic a minimum of 30 days prior to the start date of the purchased tour. If, when booking, there are less than 30 days until the start date of the tour; the full amount must be paid up-front in order to confirm the booking. 

Upon requesting to confirm a booking, the customer will receive an invoice for the full cost of the tour. As stated earlier, 30% of the total of this invoice must be paid (subject to the condition that there remains more than 30 days until departure of the tour) to confirm the booking. 

Should there remain less than 30 days until the start date of the tour the full amount must be paid in order to confirm the booking.

The remaining value must be paid a minimum of 30 days prior to the start date of the tour. Failure to make the payment in full by this date may result in the cancellation of the booking.

Payment of the remaining balance of the invoice must be made in minimum instalments of 10% of the initial remaining balance. Payment quantities are subject to the customer’s discretion, so long as payment of the full balance is made before the 30th day prior to the start date of the tour.


Due to liabilities owed to its partners and service providers, Xwander Nordic reserves the right to refuse repayment of funds made during the booking and reservation process prior to the start date of a tour; the stages and amount of which are subject to the following:

  1. Cancellations made more than 45 days fully refundable.
  2. For cancellations between 45 – 31 days prior to arrival, 70% refund.
  3. For cancellations between 30 – 4 days prior to arrival, 50% refund.
  4. For cancellations less than 3 days prior to arrival no refund.


In order to cancel a booking, the customer must:

  1. Email, whatsapp or telephone Xwander Nordic, using official channels ONLY*, requesting cancellation.
  2. Quote the booking reference number and their (the customer’s) full name.
  3. Offer a brief description of their reason for cancelling.



It is suggested to the customer who wishes to cancel, that making contact with Xwander Nordic as soon as possible is preferable to avoid charges incurred through late cancellation.

Xwander Nordic reserves the right to apply charges to cancellations, in accordance with the conditions laid out above, upon the date a cancellation request is received. 

*Official channels are: 

  • Whatsapp: +358 50 373 2122
  • Email: info@xwander.fi
  • Telephone: +358 10 200 7633



Xwander Nordic reserves the right to make changes to its tours and products (including prices, special offers and discounts) at any time and without notice, up to the point of booking confirmation.

Upon the confirmation of a booking, Xwander Nordic agrees to uphold and provide all agreed upon products and services. With exception to the circumstance of breaches of the regulations expressed in the “Conduct” section of this agreement.

Upon the confirmation of a booking, the customer agrees to uphold and accept all agreed upon terms and conditions laid out in this agreement.
Xwander Nordic accepts the responsibility to provide safe, clear and reasonable instructions to all its activities and tour components. Xwander Nordic does not accept liability of the damages or injuries occurred through the disobedience of the given instructions. 

Customers of Xwander Nordic accept that they undertake the activities provided by Xwander Nordic at their own risk. Customers of Xwander Nordic accept that any injury or damages caused to themselves or to others through actions exceeding the guidance of Xwander Nordic representatives are their own responsibility and that they will not hold liable any member or facet of Xwander Nordic.


It is mandatory that ALL attendees of ANY Xwander Nordic tours are protected with their own travel insurance. Xwander Nordic accepts NO responsibility to account for the financial fees, charges or fines that may be incurred by a guest during a tour. 


Any behaviour deemed inappropriate or disrespectful towards or relative to Xwander Nordic or its partners will not be tolerated. The following will be considered inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour:

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol (and it’s associated behaviour)
  • ANY consumption or use of recreational drugs
  • Discriminative language of any kind
  • Aggression towards: 
    1. Any guest on the tour
    2. Any member of staff (Xwander Nordic staff or the staff of its partners) 
    3. Any persons not related to the tour or Xwander Nordic.
  • Use of threatening or abusive language
  • A blatant disregard of the health and safety of oneself or others

Any guest found to be behaving in an inappropriate or disrespectful manner, will be ejected* from the tour immediately.


Acts of violence or theft towards any persons while on an Xwander Nordic tour will be reported to the local authorities. The guest found committing these acts will be ejected* from the tour immediately.

Damages to Property:

Any accidental damage to property or possessions of another person or persons will be the liability of the person or persons committing the damage. 

Any damage to the property or possessions of another person or persons due to the misconduct listed in “Behaviours” or “Actions” will be reported to the local authorities. The person or persons found causing such damage for such reasons will be ejected* from the tour immediately. 

Full compensation for damages caused will be the liability of those committing such acts.


*Ejected from a tour will involve being escorted to the nearest airport or police station.



All tours provided by Xwander Nordic have a minimum capacity requisite. If the minimum capacity of a tour is not met then Xwander Nordic reserves the right to cancel the tour. Any tours cancelled due to not meeting capacity requisites will be refunded in-full.

 Xwander Nordic reserves the right to rearrange the outline of its tours at any time.

Xwander Nordic will provide its partners and guests with updates that are made to its tours in good time, as to avoid any confusion.

Should any changes to a tour’s outline be necessary, Xwander Nordic will provide suitable notice to its partners and guests about said changes.

Should any circumstance occur where it is necessary to cancel an item listed on a tour’s outline, Xwander Nordic will provide sufficient notice and monetary compensation for that individual item.

If any changes made to a tour by Xwander Nordic cause a guest to wish to cancel their booking, Xwander Nordic reserves the right to apply their cancellation policy.


Items such as “Aurora Hunting” are subject to circumstances beyond the control of Xwander Nordic. Should events such as “Aurora Hunting” be unsuccessful due to these mitigating circumstances, Xwander Nordic cannot be held liable for any monetary compensation.


Xwander Nordic reserves the right to collect forms of media while conducting its tours. Forms of media are considered as:

  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Audio recordings
  • Paintings or drawings

Any media material collected by Xwander Nordic remains the property of Xwander Nordic. As a guest of Xwander Nordic any person or persons whose image or sound is captured by the collection of media during a tour accepts the use of that media by Xwander Nordic for the purposes of marketing and advertising.

Any person or persons not willing to permit the use of their image or sound captured by Xwander Nordic during a tour should state so in their booking enquiry application.

Xwander Nordic is not liable to remove, edit or delete any material used for marketing or advertising purposes based on the retrospective removal of permission of a guest.

Xwander Nordic is not liable for any damages caused to any persons through the use of their image or sound in its use of marketing or advertising.

Xwander Nordic reserves the right to require any guest who does not wish to have their image or sound captured during a tour to avoid, where possible, having their image or sound captured.

Not all media collected by Xwander Nordic will be used for the purpose of marketing or advertising.



Xwander Nordic heavily advises ALL customers to purchase travel insurance that covers circumstances related to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Where possible Xwander Nordic will aim to provide alternatives to travel arrangements affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Where through Force Mejore it is not possible to travel, Xwander Nordic will offer monetary compensation for those services provided by Xwander Nordic. For services provided by partner organisations it may not be possible to compensate immediately.