Charter Boat Driver Course

Master navigation and boating with intensive hands-on experience


What to Expect

The training is in accordance with the SNOP (Navigation Instructors in Finland) training program.

Navigation: Course book and map with reading instructions for Navigation 1 course will be sent to participants in advance. The purpose here is that we don’t use time on things that everyone can read from the book by themselves, and that in the lessons, there is time for the most important thing – map navigation. The examination focuses largely on this.

Rental boat regulation and skipper’s duties: the training goes through the necessary things in the exam itself. Examination alongside training.

Examination drives on the water: basic boat handling, departure, landing, anchoring, use of spring line (bow/stern spring at departure), running line at departure, emergency (e.g. leakage in the boat), MOB (man overboard) situation.

We also consider the examination drive as a good teaching situation. Boats are different, and there are several ways to do something.

In short: as long as you get the boat off the dock and to the dock without dents, know how to handle the boat on the water, and know how to act in different emergency situations, that’s it.

Pre-registered participants are a few, and the final price will be determined by the final number of participants, but it will be 400-500€, depending on the final number of participants. If the pre-registrations hold true, it will be closer to 400€ than 500€.

  • The price includes all 3-day trainings, book, map, transportation, boat rentals, snacks, coffees, etc.
  • The length of the days is 6 hours on Thursday and 10 hours on Friday and Saturday.
  • The material to be studied in advance will be sent to the participants by email, and no time will be spent on it during the course.

In addition, the examination fees, if one wants to take them, will be the individual cost for participants. These are:

  • Navigation 1 exam, 25€
  • Rental Boat Operator’s legal exam and Practical Boating Skills certificate, 80€
  • Traficomin lupakirjan saa hakea tutkinnot ja EA 1 suoritettuaan ja sen hinta on 100€. Tämä lupa on voimassa toistaiseksi.

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