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Hammock Tents and Haven Tents

    Hammock tents are becoming more and more commonplace in the world of hiking and camping. But, there is one that stands above the rest!

    Haven Tents are the latest design of hammock tents to hit the market. On the surface, they meet all the typical requirements of the customer: lightweight, compact and easy to assemble. However, what Haven have managed to do that no other hammock tent does, is create the ideal “flat bed”. It is this that makes Haven Hammock Tents the most comfortable night outdoors, across the entire camping market.

    Haven’s ambition from the beginning was to eliminate the curved lying position and sidewall pressure typically found with the hammock design. Haven is not the first to attempt this! However, they are the first to get it right.

    Many attempts have been made to make camping more comfortable. An entire section of the market has been dedicated to this, “Glamping”.Glamping is a vain attempt to provide hotel quality comfort to the outdoors. Like the halfway point between camping and motorhoming or caravaning. Many believe this to completely miss the point of camping and is cause for many a heated debate in the local bars and taverns frequented by travellers of all descriptions.

    However, the pursuit for the ideal comfy night sleep has always been on the minds of those who wish to truly enjoy the great outdoors and don’t mind giving up the “glamour” of a hotel suite.

    Tents have always faced a tough gig. Unless the ground you pitch on is perfectly flat, the camper is negated to carry bulky, heavy sleeping equipment from which to make a bed, or suffer the dreaded 2am sore hips and shoulders from bumps and rocks digging in.

    There are superlight air beds available on the market, however these come with some drawbacks, namely, deflation. (Especially when being laid on by a “normal” sized human being.)

    Hammocks offer the luxury of not needing to worry about rocks and uneven ground. However, as stated above, they do come with their own drawbacks.

    Enter, Haven Tents!

    The clever shape of these tents means that instead of being situated on top of the supporting structure, the camper hangs in a cradle underneath and is therefore removed from the bowing effect of the structural support. Throw in a couple of trusts to hold the sides out and a lightweight airbed for that little extra comfort… Et voila! Flat, off the ground and comfortable.

    The added bonus is that, as you are off the ground, the airbed can form to the shape of your body meaning you get even more comfort and do not apply as much pressure to the airbed itself, therefore it remains well inflated.

    Not completely out of the woods of discomfort yet however. As it is a very new company, (although boasting the biggest potential on the market) Haven’s range is limited to a single-man tent. (So no option to cuddle at bedtime.) Also, there are some tweaks to be made namely, the max weight capacity and a little more width. I appreciate that the typical acclamation of all outdoor equipment these days is “Lighter! Lighter! LIGHTER!!!!” And okay, if someone wants the ultimate, helium filled, anti-gravity, nano-filament, supercomposite, lightweight tent, then that’s fine.

    I am all for pushing the boundaries of technology. However, as one who believes that a good night’s sleep is far more important than saving a few grams at the cost of several kilograms of capacity. I’d be happy to carry an extra 500g to ensure an extra 30-40kg of strength and some more shoulder room.

    That being said, The Haven Tent is still the most comfortable night’s sleep I’ve ever had while out in the woods. I’m sure things can only get better as Haven grows.