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Discover the Magic of Finnish Lapland: Your Ultimate Wellness Holiday Destination

    There is something very special and calming about the nature of Finnish Lapland. Many people say that Northern Lapland is one of the best wellness travelling destinations in the world.

    Keep reading to find out why.

    The Arctic Nature

    Finnish Lapland has vast wilderness areas that vary from pine and birch forests to treeless tundra. The lakes and rivers flow with incredibly clean and clear water, and in Lapland you can breathe the cleanest air in the world.

    The changing of the seasons is almost magical – from winter’s sometimes extremely cold temperatures, thick snowfall and of course the amazing Northern Lights, to spring when the light seems to increase in a blink of an eye and nature wakes up to a summer when the sun does not set at all.

    Finally, as the summer turns into autumn, nature is painted with bright autumn colors. It is difficult to pick your favourite, it is best to experience them all!

    The Quietness and Space

    Lapland is vast. There are only but two inhabitants per square kilometer in Lapland. Lapland has Finland’s biggest National parks and one of the biggest inhabited wilderness areas of Europe.

    There is space for everyone to enjoy the quietness of nature and Every man’s rights ensure that everyone is able to enjoy it responsibly – whether you want to take a short stroll in the forest or a week long hike through a national park.

    In Finland, the wilderness huts are well taken care of and for everyone to use free of charge.

    Unique Destinations

    Lapland has some very unique wellness destinations. One of our favourites is the Smoke Sauna at Suomen Latu Kiilopää, near Saariselkä. It is ranked among the top five sauna experiences in Finland – and remember that there are over 3 million saunas to choose from! Want to experience that during winter? Join our Day in the Tundra -adventure and complete your day by pampering yourself with a rejuvenating smoke sauna experience!

    In summer, there is hardly anything more magical and relaxing than watching the midnight sun hover over the horizon. Did you know that during the summer months, many Finns feel less need for sleep? Long daylight hours make you feel more energetic, and it is not unusual to see people doing the gardening late at night!

    Relaxed Pace of Life

    The people in Lapland have a close relationship with nature. Nature and the changing seasons have always given the rhythm to the lifestyle of the local people.

    Here are listed some things that make Lapland such an unique wellness destination. Most importantly, Lapland needs to be experienced, with all senses. Welcome to Lapland!