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Responsible Tourism for a Healthier Planet

    Xwander Nordic is a sustainable travel company simply because it has chosen to be one.
    Being sustainable is in its dna.

    For us to achieve our goal of a healthier planet we need to maintain course. Sustainability in business has far greater benefits than simply saving the planet. When big companies become green, it is because of the hurdles thrown in their way by tougher regulations have been overcome by superior engineering.

    The superior engineering is passed down to the general public, inspiring the minds of the next generation to become even more innovative and help big companies become even more green. This is the mission of sustainability. But it does not start with big companies. It starts with you and I.

    Be the Reason for the Change

    Imagine a big company. They have many people depending on them to make money. Their staff, investors, shareholders, the tax man… the list goes on. Now imagine there is no pressure to become green or consider the environment. Why would they change if things are running smoothly for them?

    We have to be that reason. As the public, we have to hold companies and organisations accountable. We can do this through protesting. We can also do this by championing our small businesses to lead the way.

    This is Xwander Nordic’s ambition. To us, sustainability isn’t a business model; it’s a way of life. At Xwander Nordic we take this to the next level. We don’t wish to simply abide by regulation and hold the burden of being green, to compensate for larger companies. No. We wish to actively push the boundaries of what big companies can get away with.

    We aspire to tighten the belt of the big companies, forcing them to make change. The more hurdles are thrown in their way, the quicker they must act to adapt and survive.

    How do we do this?

    Xwander Nordic is a zero plastic company. We’re ambassadors of the recycling movement. We source exclusively from local companies and local providers. We only outsource when we absolutely have to. We support local farmers and reindeer herders, and other small businesses. As a DMC we provide tourism exclusively to authentic, local providers.

    We offer low emission activities and over contribute our carbon footprint through compensate.com aiming for carbon negativity. We contribute to reforestation. And we cooperate with the Finnish national park authorities, helping to support and protect Finnish wildlife and its habitats. We want to share our passion and love towards our beautiful nature and educate our clients about how to enjoy it responsibly.

    We have no delusions of grandeur. We know that (alone) we won’t change the world but we know our place in it, and the advantages this has. We’re in a situation where we can set an example. We’re in a position to inspire others to do the same. We’re not the first small business in the world to be in this position but we are willing to try the hardest.