River Ivalo SUP & Packraft Expedition

3 day Paddling Adventure in Finnish Goldlands

Are you ready to paddle through the varied terrain of the legendary Ivalo River? Our 3-day SUP & Packraft Expedition is perfect for those with some paddling experience, offering a mix of gentle flows and exciting rapids, with overnight camping in the pristine wilderness! The full duration split in three days is 45 km of paddling and day level averages are between 10-20 km.

What to Expect

Explore the Legendary Ivalo River: Paddle through the historical and beautiful landscapes of the Ivalo River, known for its Gold Rush history. This river is an ideal destination for expedition SUP boarding and packrafters, with its gentle flows and level 1-2 rapids that offer both a relaxing and thrilling experience.

You can choose to participate with your own board or packraft or rent from us. Xwander offers full expedition SUP or packrafting equipment as rental.

Expert Guidance: Our International Rafting Federation certified guides will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. They will help you improve your paddling and wilderness skills, making this adventure both educational and exhilarating.

Varied Terrain: The Ivalo River features a mix of gentle flows and rapids. You’ll paddle through forests and canyons, experiencing the diverse landscapes of Northern Lapland. This adventure will take you through various level 1-2 rapids.

Meet in Ivalo: We will meet up in Ivalo to prepare the gear, including SUPs and packrafts. Once everyone is ready, we’ll head to Kuttura, just an hour drive from Ivalo. This preparation ensures that you are fully equipped and ready for the adventure ahead.

Overnight Camping: Spend two nights camping along the scenic banks of the Ivalo River. Enjoy the tranquility of the wilderness, away from all phone connections, and immerse yourself in nature. You can gear up with your own tents and camping equipment or you can opt to rent full gear from Xwander.

Food Planning: Expedition style the meals are planned as a group. You decide to prepare your own meals or book the meal services from our guides.

Suitable for Experienced Paddlers: This tour is designed for those who are familiar with packrafting and have a Finnish MELOJA-1 qualification or equivalent experience. For SUP, good long distance paddling experience is needed since the day duration can be 10-20 km.

Please check our past SUP & Packraft Adventure video on Youtube:


Day 1: Preparation in Ivalo, drive to Kuttura and paddle to Saarnaköngäs


  • Meet at Ivalo briefing, preparation and packing
  • Drive to Kuttura (1 hour)
  • Begin your journey on the Ivalo River, known as one of Finland’s finest paddling routes.
  • Paddle through Porttiniva (350m/1.4m drop, 1:250 gradient).


  • Continue paddling through Porttikoski (1400m/5.3m drop, 1:264 gradient).
  • Enjoy the stunning and rugged landscapes as you navigate through Timanttiköngäs (900m/2.4m drop, 1:375 gradient).
  • Lunch break by the riverbank.
  • Paddle past Väänäsenniva (700m/1.6m drop, 1:437 gradient) and Möllärinkoski (550m/1.4m drop, 1:393 gradient).


  • Arrive at Saarnaköngäs (700m/3.5m drop, 1:200 gradient).
  • Set up camp for the night along the riverbank.
  • Enjoy a hearty dinner and relax under the stars.

Day 2: Saarnaköngäs to Ritakoski


  • Breakfast at the campsite.
  • Pack up and start your day with paddling through Surmaköngäs (50m/2.0m drop, 1:250 gradient).
  • Navigate Penttilänkoski (900m/3.7m drop, 1:243 gradient) and Appisköngäs (250m/0.7m drop, 1:357 gradient).


  • Continue through Korhosenkoski (1250m/8.4m drop, 1:148 gradient) and Saunakoski (150m/0.8m drop, 1:187 gradient).
  • Lunch break at a scenic spot.
  • Explore Kultalankoski (350m/2.5m drop, 1:140 gradient) and Kolmosenkoski (350m/1.3m drop, 1:269 gradient).
  • Paddle through Rovaniemenkoski (200m/0.8m drop, 1:250 gradient) and Björklundinkoski (500m/2.0m drop, 1:250 gradient).


  • Arrive at Ritakoski (1400m/6.5m drop, 1:215 gradient).
  • Set up camp near the historical Ivalojoen Kultala Crown Station and Ritakoski.
  • Dinner and evening stories about the Gold Rush history.

Day 3: Ritakoski to Ivalo


  • Breakfast at the campsite.
  • Pack up and start paddling through the upper and lower sections of Ritakoski (600m/3.2m drop, 1:187 gradient and 350m/2.4m drop, 1:145 gradient).
  • Continue through Kuivaniva (600m/2.4m drop, 1:250 gradient) and Pelsinniva (150m/0.8m drop, 1:187 gradient).


  • Navigate Hammasniva (350m/0.9m drop, 1:389 gradient), Härkäniva (750m/1.9m drop, 1:395 gradient), and Hetanniva (600m/1.4m drop, 1:428 gradient).
  • Lunch break by the riverbank.
  • Paddle through the final stretch including Toloskoski (850m/4.6m drop, 1:185 gradient).
  • Arrive in Lappispola and 20 min transfer back to the meeting point.
  • Option for a relaxing sauna in Ivalo for debriefing and storytelling!
Day-to-day itinerary adjustments may occur in response to weather conditions and forecasts

Book With Confidence

  • Local family owned business
  • Personalized service
  • Flexible itineraries
  • Small group sizes

Price Includes

  • 3 Days and 2 Nights SUP & Packraft Adventure
  • Experienced Guides who will look after your safety on this trip
  • Transfers from Ivalo airport to Ivalo River and back
  • A possibility for sauna in Ivalo upon return.
  • Information & Instructions on how to prepare before departure

Price Excludes

  • A valid travel insurance is reguired
  • Bring your own medicine
  • Bring your favourite snack and drinks