Wild herb course 18.-19.8.2023

Discover nature's treasures: species identification, preparation, preservation and health benefits

The trainers are Mauri Åhlberg. Professor Emeritus of Biology and Sustainable Development Didactics at the University of Helsinki, and Eija and Jouko Lehmuskallio.

Eija and Jouko Lehmuskallio have produced numerous nature-related works for television, books, and electronic formats. The most famous of those is luontoportti.com, a popular and award-winning online service for species knowledge.

Eija and Jouko Lehmuskallio started photographing plants and developing an identification service already in the 90s. The material used e.g. TV series and books. The research working group of the LuontoPortti service was founded on their initiative in 2006. The group operated at the Teacher Education Institute of the University of Helsinki, where Professor Mauri Åhlberg led it.

During two days, you will identify and get to know different species that occur in nature. We delve into the concept of sustainable use of natural resources and promote environmental awareness.

On the second day, delicious foods await you, when we transform the herbs we collect into mouth-watering dishes. Experience the world of flavors of the region when we prepare fresh salads with a dressing seasoned with local herbs. Enjoy a refreshing smoothie made with carefully selected local plants and wild berries, capturing the unique atmosphere of the surroundings.

While you enjoy these delicious recipes, we will learn about the health benefits of the species and highlight their nutritional value. Learn how to store these natural treasures for the winter, ensuring their availability during the cold months.

Come with us and learn about sustainability, healthy living, and the harmonious relationship between people and nature.

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