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Aurora Camping With Haven Tents

    Ever wondered what is the best way to enjoy the Northern Lights? Xwander Nordic, are proud to be working alongside Haven Tents to deliver the best Northern Lights experience.

    Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights as they are more commonly known, are a spectacular spectacle usually only visible north of the Arctic Circle (Or south of the Antarctic). They are caused by high speed gasses being hurtled out into space from our Sun, interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field and colliding with our atmosphere. It is this collision that causes the light we see and admire.

    These collisions happen high up in the sky, therefore admiring them can only be done on a cloudless night. What’s more, is that they can be fleeting. Just as quickly as they appear, they can disappear. Leaving no trace they ever existed. This can be troublesome when one wishes to witness the spectacle. One must be patient, therefore, and wait. This itself is a problem as it can be pretty chilly at night, north of the Arctic Circle.

    And so, in a long and exhaustive search as to the best method to watch the Northern Lights; Xwander Nordic discovered Haven Hammock Tents.

    Imagine, if you will, heading out into the wilderness, away from all forms of light pollution, to view the Northern Lights. You get to your destination, set up your camera (of course), link it to your smartphone to operate it remotely. Enjoy a delicious meal in a kota, by an open fire. Then jump into your Haven Hammock, lie back and relax. (Maybe even watch some Netflix on your phone?) And wait for the Lights to come to you. You could even wrap up nice and warm in a sleeping bag and get all cosy and comfy. Then it doesn’t matter how long you wait. Sleep all night if you want. No Northern Lights appear? No problem. You got to spend a night out in the woods and had a comfy night’s sleep too.

    In short, it’s a win-win when you use a Haven Hammock Tent to watch the Northern Lights. If they make an appearance then you will be there to see it. If not? Then you get to have a good night’s sleep under the stars.

    We are so proud to be working with Haven. Their hammock is by far the best on the market and the team at Haven are really nice. Hopefully our partnership with them as well as their hammock tent goes from strength to strength.