Ice Field Safety Course 25-26 & 27-28.11.2023

Learn ice safety, hazard recognition, and rescue techniques

2 Days

What to Expect

Two different times for the course! First on is on 25-26.11, and second one is on 27-28.11.2023.
The Ice Field Safety (IFS) course is comprehensive training for those who work or travel on ice over lakes, ponds, and reservoirs, or rivers that are completely frozen over.
The curriculum includes the formation of ice and the factors that influence its decay, how to determine ice thickness, the identification of hazards, travelling on ice, self rescue and a range of options for the rescue of others – including single rescuer techniques for field personnel that work in pairs. The curriculum also includes the medical complications posed by cold water immersion and hypothermia, and the significant implications for rescue and transport.



  • Must be a confident swimmer
  • Minimum age: 18

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